16 June

3PM – 5 PM  

Paco Nathan

Paco Nathan

Managing Partner at Derwen, Inc.

Known as a “player/coach”, with core expertise in data science, cloud computing, natural language, graph technologies, will be talking about The practice of Graph Data Science which has emerged recently, with applications for untangling global supply chain problems, tracking carbon footprint, accelerating medical research for pandemic response, tracing the finances of kleptocrats, energy grid management.

Amparo Alonso-Betanzos

Amparo Alonso-Betanzos

Professor at the University of A Coruña

Amparo leads the Laboratory for the Investigation and Development of Artificial Intelligence (LIDIA). She will be presenting the topic of Low-carbon economy and Artificial Intelligence.

“Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability  

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into all areas of society is one of the great challenges nowadays. Another relevant pillar for the future is sustainability. In this talk, we will discuss sustainability and AI in a broad sense, that is, on the use of AI applied to environmental aspects, but also to energy, economy and social perspectives. Moreover, AI itself should also pursue sustainability in massive data handling and processing, as well as in the consumption of machine learning algorithms, another aspect that needs to be confronted.”

17 June

9 AM – 2 PM  Future Leaders

Get to know the products you will use in the future, directly from their creators.

Wapping is the omnichannel loyalty customer centric platform for retailers and brands, covering the 3 great challenges to differentiate your brand and grow your business. Know your customers..

Legislate is a legal technology company founded in Oxford. Contracts are complicated to create due to the linked nature of their terms and are difficult to manage due to the unstructured nature of their data. This presentation explains how Legislate’s patented knowledge graph solves these problems whilst making contract data useful and usable to organisations at scale.

Dala is a contextual search tool that enlightens your work by unifying your team’s collective knowledge. Find what or who you need, whenever you need.

TurinTech is the leader in Artificial Intelligence Optimisation. TurinTech empowers businesses to build efficient and scalable AI by automating the whole data science lifecycle with multi-objective code optimisation.

Hexis’ groundbreaking nutrition system predicts your body’s needs & enables you to perform like never before. Our team brings cutting edge performance science to help more people realise their true potential.

17 June

3 PM – 7 PM  Quantum & Data 

Quantum information processing is showing to be very real and very close. Quantum revolution It is not only about the quantum computer, but many other applications and implications for real life of what once upon a time was a theoretical dream. Learn from the people who are bringing this dream into reality.

Juan Ignacio Cirac

Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

He is one of the pioneers of the field of quantum computing and quantum information theory. His joint work with Peter Zoller on ion trap quantum computation opened up the possibility of experimental quantum computation, and his joint work on optical lattices jumpstarted the field of quantum simulation.

Quantum physics has inspired novel mathematical techniques to tackle some of nature’s hardest computational problems.  Tytn applies mathematical methods from quantum physics to deep learning to produce compressed, powerful models for efficient deployment.

The NEASQC (NExt ApplicationS of Quantum Computing) project brings together academic experts and industrial end-users to investigate and develop a new breed of Quantum-enabled applications that can take advantage of NISQ (Noise Intermediate-Scale Quantum) systems in the near future.

The TIC Galicia Cluster is a non-profit association that was established on January 31, 2008 to bring together companies, business associations, schools, professional associations and other agents of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) macrosector of the Autonomous Community from Galicia.


Fundación Barrié